Love Work at interieur 2014

Biennale Interieur is a ten-day celebration of contemporary design, product development and innovation, which is set to take place at the Kortrijk Xpo venue. Meet DAN by Bulo at Interieur.

"Meet DAN at Interieur 2014"

Developed to empower everyone who Loves Work.

Work isn't constrained by space, time or place, it just happens. Dan thrives in this radical shift from the formal office and incorporates the legacy of Bulo. Designed and manufactured in Mechelen with a consciousness related to durable, responsible and multi-functional aspirations. Furniture to work, with all the flexibility today's workspace requires.

Come and meet DAN at the Bulo Booth ( 627 ) at Interieur Kortrijk, 17 - 26 October 2014. Register HERE and get your hands on one of our -50% coupons for Interieur!

DAN desk by Bulo