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50Y celebration in NYC: MoMu3 screening and O Mr President Launch

Posted December 19 2013

The event introduces the O Mr. President desk as well as serves as the venue of the U.S. Premiere of MoMu3 x Bulo, a collaborative short film series created by Bulo and the ModeMuseum fashion museum in Antwerp. The end of the year celebration comes as D’Apostrophe moves to a new uptown address in 2014.

As a nod to its 50 successful years, Bulo wanted to design a piece of furniture that would last for the next half century and beyond: O Mr. President. An inventive and eco-friendly children’s desk, O Mr. President is designed to grow up alongside its young users, the leaders of tomorrow. Built to last, the desk can be used as a side table as a child grows. Bulo’s design team hopes that the O Mr. President desk will become a meaningful piece of furniture that will remind adults of the whimsy and innocence of their youth. Handcrafted in Bulo’s Mechelen workshop, the O Mr. President desk is sustainably made from recycled premium wood. Virtually no carbon dioxide was emitted during the production cycle, making it a largely carbon neutral product.

In addition to fêting Bulo’s O Mr. President, D’Apostrophe screens the MoMu3 x Bulo film series, which infuses traditional methods of craftsmanship with digital imagery. Using 3D scans and manipulations, the aim of the three films is to transcend the static nature of museum exhibitions and inspire future generations of artists. Created by Frederik Heyman and Wott Bosschaert, the films originally premiered at Bulo’s headquarters in Mechelen.

The event, which celebrates the history of BULO and looks to the future, is perfectly timed with D’Apostrophe’s move. The upcoming year will be filled with exciting initiatives as the Manhattan-based showroom continues to promote Bulo at its new uptown location.

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