Berry: upcycled Belgian table tops

Posted October 24 2019

Together with Nathalie Van Reeth, Bulo launched the SENSES collection. Her vision was to create a humane working environment that adapts naturally to its users. The table tops are available in warm, natural materials. One striking material is Berry: an upcycled table top made from cranberries.

Berry is a Belgian product in which unused by-products from the food industry (in this case cranberries) are collected, after which they are hardened into table tops together with a BIO-binder. The fibres of the berries provide a deep red colour and are light permeable which gives a beautiful glow. They also contribute to the strength of the material. The Berry tops are scratch-resistant, water-resistant and stain-resistant. Our research team discovered the revolutionary material and matched it to Nathalie Van Reeth her ideas.

The liquid mass you can cast for different applications: floors, work- and table tops. Our table tops are currently being cast one by one with a mould in our factory in Mechelen, Belgium. The production will be industrialised in the future by making boards out of food scraps. This way the approach will be less labour-intensive and expensive. Our photos give you an exclusive insight into the process.

Bosq Berry top

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