Binst Breeding & Selection with a Bulo touch

Posted July 13 2020
A project in collaboration with Peter De Pauw; Architektenatelier Peter De Pauw.


As we are a family company ourselves, we’re proud to have furnished the offices of Binst Breeding & Selection in Grimbergen, a family company that’s been around for 4 generations. Together with architect Peter De Pauw we’ve selected a wide range of collections: SLL18 & SL58 by Léon Stynen, H20 by Bataille & Ibens, SENSES by Nathalie Van Reeth, Livourne by Jules Wabbes, SB55 by Stéphane Beel, Chair by Vincent Van Duysen, our Kei collection, Dan collection and our Modular storage.

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Photos by Tijs Vervecken


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