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Bosq, made of the best wood

Posted September 02 2019

In addition to design, wood is also part of Bulo’s DNA. Together with Bosq, our exclusive wood and veneer company, we promote the use of local wood such as native beech and poplar. That’s how Bosq got to work with the iconic plane trees that were cleared from the Leien in Antwerp. The result? The collection of A.

Do you remember the clearing of the iconic plane trees on the Antwerp Leien? Bert Leysen of Bosq, in collaboration with Sam Ponette, founder of Stadshout, gave 35 trees a second life to prevent them from being sold as firewood.

Why shouldn't our forests be interesting? There are also trees here. In the past, however, they were only cut in firewood. Too bad, because it's all about the authenticity of the product, isn't it?

Bert Leysen

In our factory, the wood was sawn and dried for use as table tops. This way, anyone can furnish an office or a house with a piece of Antwerp history. The table was called ‘Tafel van A.’ (Table of A.). They are available in different sizes with different finishes.

Would you also like to safe Antwerp’s unique heritage with this initiative? Send an e-mail to or call us on +32 15 28 28 28.

Click here for more information about the Stadshout initiative.

In addition to tables, Stadshout also sells cutting boards in various sizes, wall shelves and benches that were also used at the Winter in Antwerp.

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