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Bulo celebrates 50 years with a unique, limited series: O Mr. President. For tomorrow’s entrepreneurs.

Posted March 27 2013

“Work should be a positive enriching experience” – Christian Salez

O Mr. President is an ode to playing that represents the first step of Bulo’s brand new CEO, Christian Salez, to the Bulo of tomorrow.

“People spend so much of their lives working that it should actually be a positive, enriching experience. More than ever in these difficult times. O Mr. President reminds us that we should continue to play and experiment creatively. It encourages innovation and entrepreneurship, regardless of one’s age,” explains Jan Aerts, Head of Creative Services. “O Mr. President offers a refreshing counterweight to the economic morosity.”

Grow along with its owner

“Early results show that children love O Mr. President because of its inviting shape and ergonomic design,” the chief designer says. “For us, it was crucial that the design would be able to grow along with its owner. O Mr. President effortlessly takes on the role of side table, offering something for every generation. A promise that is made even stronger with a 50-year guarantee.”

“That is the quality that Bulo stands for,” Aerts says. “We also want to express that in the sustainable character of O Mr. President. The materials that we have chosen make it possible to manufacture virtually climate-neutral. For the table-top, we use high-quality residual wood from our own manufacturing processes and we employ the services of a Belgian workshop for social reintegration.

Write on your table

That makes it possible for us to incorporate the signature of each child in the table.The packaging consists of 100% recycled cardboard from Europal Packaging; it can be converted into a matching stool. Even the manual is a giant-sized piece of drawing paper and the rest can be converted into a wall that every child can use to the maximum of his or her creative abilities.”The launch of O Mr. President is a gift from Bulo to itself to celebrate its 50th anniversary.

The next 50Y

Bulo is positioning itself even more as the partner for architects and is organising special activities. There is a collaboration in May with the international publication Wallpaper for debates about Tomorrow’s Office. During the summer, the company will be exploring the impact of fashion on architecture and design. In September, Bulo will be presenting the links between food and design.

O Mr. President costs €399 and is being released in a unique run of 400 pieces, all of which have been designed and manufactured in Mechelen. It is available as of 15 April on and in the stores Graanmarkt 13 in Antwerp, Instore in Brussels, and Villa Maria in Bruges.

This exclusive piece of furniture will also be exhibited in the Fashion Museum of Antwerp. In May, it will move to the new Bulo London flagship store, and in June it will make the crossing to New York City. In September, it will return to Europe and will be exhibited in the Design Museum in Ghent.

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