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Bulo wins top Belgian eco-design award for O Mr. President

Posted January 21 2014

Sustainable in every way

The tabletop of the unit is made of high-quality recycled wood from the Bulo veneer production process and can be personalised with a child’s signature. Using wood means that there are virtually no CO2 emissions during manufacturing. The packaging for O Mr. President, made from recycled cardboard, can be used to create a small room divider and stool for children to play with and use as they like.

The most sustainable product is of course the one that you never have to throw away. Bulo offers a 50-year guarantee, so that O Mr. President can be used later as an end table in a student room, or moved into in the living room to hold your travel magazines.

Ode to play

Jan Aerts, creative director: “O Mr. President has been created to remind us that working can be an enriching experience and should be just like playing. The news reports on employment are more negative than ever, but O Mr. President reminds us that we need to keep on playing, at any age. All of the Bulo values have been incorporated into this single piece, and in its simplicity, it essentially sums up our entire collection.”

In the future, Bulo wants to continue to encourage the exchange between work and play. ‘De Werkplaats’ (the Worksite) along the E19 motorway in Mechelen is a place for inspiration and exploration, all about work, where the company can enter into a dialogue with architects and entrepreneurs. In the book recently published by Manteau publishers, values such as creativity, craftsmanship and entrepreneurship are explored in interviews with authors such as Alain de Botton and Douglas Coupland. Journalist Veerle Windels talks to a range of designers who have collaborated with Bulo including Alain Berteau, Claire Bataille and Paul ibens, Bram Boo, Luc Vincent, Vincent Van Duysen and Danny Venlet, as well as Ann Demeulemeester and Maarten Van Severen.

Love Work, Play Harder

O Mr. President is available with an oak tabletop in four colours: natural, black, red and green. It can be purchased at the Bulo stores in Mechelen, London and New York or online. price: 399 EUR (VAT included) plus shipping costs. Together with the other winners of the Henry van de Velde Awards, O Mr. President is on exhibit through 1 March in the Lobby of the Flemish Parliament.

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