Bram Boo

Bram Boo, son of Belgian artist Bram Bogart, is an autodidact who works as an independent designer. For him, design is a way of life, a way to surprise.

Boo’s approach is as wide as the meaning of design broad. He strives to find the right balance between function, technique, culture, emotion and personal input. By challenging the norm, he aspires to create new ideas and emotions with a focus on function and aesthetic values.
Boo uses different techniques to achieve this desired element of surprise, but he usually starts with the functionality of an object and give it his own personality. This logical step gives his designs something intimate and recognizable.
Boo creates furniture as autonomous objects. Not only are they surprising, but also unique and poetic: they force the viewer to reconsider his day-to-day practice. Boo’s trademark is composite functions: sitting, storing, working and relaxing shouldn’t be mutually exclusive. Bram Boo was named Belgian Designer of the Year in 2010 by Interieur Foundation and Knack Weekend.


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