Nathalie Van Reeth

“My inspiration is about bringing softness and tactility back to the office or home through organic shapes and rich layers of materials and textures. People spend most of their life at work and I wanted to design a desk system that brings comfort to the mind and body, and stimulates the senses. With a departure from rectilinear forms, the organic shapes paired with combinations of authentic materials such as paper, recycled berries, woods and metals, Senses brings a softer and richer experience back to work. It is all about the senses.”

After her education in interior architecture, Nathalie Van Reeth ended up in the world of brocante and antique dealers. In that period, her interest in artisan manufactured furniture and her love for authentic materials laid the foundation for her further career. Art also colours her oeuvre in all its facets. She collects beautiful objects with character at home. She is inspired by the work of Luis Barragan, Rothko, Calder and Donald Judd. You can also find this background in the SENSES collection. Although designed within the pragmatism of the office environment, recognize we got her signature: organic shapes, natural materials but also the search for an identity of its own.


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