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Algemeen Dagblad

The editorial offices of AD, Algemeen Dagblad, one of the largest Dutch newspapers, comprising 350 workstations of our griD collection and based in the impressive Central Post building in the heart of Rotterdam.

Central Post – an early 1950s design by the Kraaijvanger brothers – is a rational, functional building with a timeless façade, subtle details and plenty of natural light. The formality of the exterior is reflected in the interior. Serene white desks promote concentration. Black objects form isolated spaces where journalists can confer and work on their stories undisturbed in this buzzing environment.

Bulo’s grid collection – referring to a set pattern and rhythm – forms the link between the building, the newspaper and the furniture. Each individual desk is height adjustable (either electronically or manually), even within a cluster. A tremendous flexibility!

On this beautiful spot we can make high quality newspapers

Bart Verkade, chief editor AD

350 work stations grid

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