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From Chair to Slim Chair

Posted September 13 2019

In 2006, Bulo launched the iconic ‘Chair’ with the Belgian architect Vincent Van Duysen. More than 10 years later, this sophisticated design is still a success. So much demand required an internal re-evaluation. How could we supplement the collection with a design as strong as ‘Chair’?

Together with our product designers, Vincent Van Duysen created a new family member: the ‘Slim Chair’. Typical of his work is that he wants to show the essence of a design as much as possible by eliminating any extras. The ‘Slim Chair’ still has the recognisable profile and ergonomic comfort, but with a finer frame that makes the look & feel even lighter.

Curious about the result? Keep an eye on our channels or visit our showroom in Mechelen to be the first to see the new design.

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