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Walter Busschop designs a filing trolley on wheels. He invests the income from sales in the launch of his own office furniture company. The name? Bulo
A remarkable marketing campaign, in which people are offered a free ‘Bulo’ paint job on their vehicles. In this way the brand dominates the Belgian roads with iconic black cars for years.
Bulo offers a complete, all-inclusive office look: from its desks and chairs to curtains, lighting and plants.
In the course of twenty years, Bulo has become synonymous with high-quality office furniture. The company prepares for international growth and in 1987 brings its various departments together at a new head office on the Northern industrial estate along the E19 motorway connecting Brussels and Antwerp.
The Antwerp interior designers Claire Bataille and Paul ibens are commissioned to design their concept of the desk. Their answer is the H2O, a return to the archetype of the universal table.
Launch of the Carte Blanche series, in which architects and designers from outside the company show their idea of the ideal work-table. They include Ann Demeulemeester, bOb Van Reeth, Annabelle d’Huart, Jean Nouvel and Edouard François. The M2 desk was also launched this year, designed by Luc Vincent and BuloDesigners.
Bulo opens its first showroom abroad. Its unique location at Butler’s Wharf in London, right next to the Design Museum, underlines Bulo’s commitment to good design.
Bulo expands: A second foreign showroom opens in Cologne. Followed later by Amsterdam and New York.
Launch of Pub & Club, Bulo’s answer to the austere office chair, which adds a warm and loungey touch to the often uniform and technocratic working environment. Designed by Luc Vincent & BuloDesigners.
Maarten Van Severen designs Schraag, an up-to-date interpretation of the trestle model.
The Dutch interior architect Evelyne Merkx creates Spine, an impressive table made of laminated solid planks.
The French architect Jean Nouvel designs the Normal collection, a contemporary interpretation of the director’s desk. This year the design is highlighted at the EIMU/Salon del Mobile in Milan.
A new product is added to the Carte Blanche series: Mat, by the Belgian fashion designer Dirk Bikkembergs.
Launched at Interieur 2002 in Kortrijk: Danny Venlet’s Easy Rider and also Double You, conceived by the Swiss designer Hannes Wettstein.
The Tab Chair by the Brussels architect and designer Alain Berteau is launched at Interieur in Kortrijk. A new look at the office chair and above all at a way of sitting.
Desk & Chair by the Belgian architect Vincent Van Duysen is introduced at Interieur in Kortrijk.
The new KEI desk concept, inspired by the organic form of a pebble, is presented at Interieur in Kortrijk and Orgatec in Cologne. This surprising concept immediately wins several international prizes: the 2009 IF Design Award and the Designpreis Deutschland Silver Award.
Bulo presents its Collection Jules Wabbes Edition 2010. The oeuvre of this Belgian designer (1919-1974) displays timeless simplicity and fine craftsmanship.
Launch of Overdose by Bram Boo, the Belgian Designer of the Year in 2010. A new creation in Bulo’s Carte Blanche collection: "The Overdose desk is a workspace inspired by my own untidiness and by the concept of ‘creating order by disorder’".
The Z Table by Bataille and ibens is on the shortlist for and wins the 2013 Wallpaper* Best Product Design Award. Jos Devriendt’s Hilde table and BuloDesigners’ grID furniture system are shown at Interieur in Kortrijk.
On the occasion of its 50th anniversary, Bulo launches O Mr. President, a desk for the entrepreneur of the future. It is an ode to play, a unique and durable piece of furniture that can be fully personalised. In the course of the year the Bulo showroom is the perfect meeting place for architects, designers and businesspeople, who can enjoy a whole range of events there. The next 50 start now.
The launch of the DAN collection: a modular and flexible wooden desk collection that breaks completely with the classic office culture. This draft is perfect for co-working solutions, a real trendsetter.
Carlo Busschop becomes chief executive for export and assures, as (the first of) the third generation within the company, the future of Bulo.
Bulo signs a contract with the family of Belgian architect and modernist Léon Stynen, for the reissue of his timeless chair “SL 58”. The chair is launched on Maison & Objet in Paris, Singapore and Miami.

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