Change and evolution is inevitable. Today, the boundary between workspace and home is blurred. Offices are integrating home and hospitality elements in the workplace landscape, and homes now have office components as our ways of working has become more fluid and mobile, and less conventional. Furthermore, the world’s design sensibilities is maturing at a faster rate, and people are more and more confident in making their own aesthetic and ergonomic choices. Layering in progress in science and technology, the change only escalates. At Bulo, we welcome change as a challenge to broaden our own design horizons and as a force to inspire innovation.

However, there are things that do not change at Bulo. We believe design is an inspirational form of work in which you can combine your knowledge, creativity and enthusiasm with a healthy dose of FUN. We create furniture that puts design on the forefront, with the spirit of innovation that not only fulfills functional requirements, but also adds to the quality of working and living for both the individual and the organization. We believe in bringing good products into the existence with respect for people, materials, the environment & great craftsmanship. Design is not a synonym for extravagance, but an attitude, a formative language, and a means of communication to achieve better results and a better quality of life. Design is for humanity.

With the skill and love of the craft for over 50 years, Bulo remains true to these values, while we continue to create beautiful, innovative furniture that inspires and moves with the changes.