DAN Sidetables

DAN is a modular collection comprised of wooden ladders and metal connectors. The name DAN is a reference to a Japanese martial arts term which means ”level”. Dan offers endless possibilities and flexibility and has a beautiful, industrial-inspired detailing that gives a modern edge. The wooden ladders and beams are made of solid ash in natural or black lacquered finish. The connectors are available in red or black.

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Technical Facts

⦁ Solid ash, black lacquered ⦁ Solid ash, natural
⦁ Black ⦁ Red
⦁ Ceramics, 7 mm thick with chamfer (Ossido Bruno, Ossido Nero, Pure White) ⦁ Hardened glass, 10 mm thick with chamfer (Smoke grey, Smoke Bronze, Clear Blue) ⦁ Veneer, 10 mm thick with chamfer (ash veneer, natural, black lacquered ash)

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