Pebbles on the beach or river banks are irregular and random yet they fit and belong together. This is the concept that “inspired” the modular system Kei. The elements can be configured in a myriad of different ways and allows for easy re-configuration as it’s free of the grid planning systems. Kei creates an organic landscape when grouped together or used as an individual shape. The table tops are MDF with powder coat finishes and the bases are available in chrome or coffee bean lacquer.

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Technical Facts

(1) Desk with black pod and porcelain cover (2) Basic desk (left or right) (3) Base (4) Side table (5) Meeting tables (6) Dividing screen
(1) W 1700/2000/2300 mm x D 885/885/1000 mm x H 750/620-850 mm (2) W 1700/2000/2300 mm x D 885/885/1000 mm x H 750/620-850 mm (4) Ø 750/850 x H 460/560/750/1100/740-1100 (5) W 1478 mm x D 1232 mm x H 750 mm (5) W 1700/2000/2300 mm x D 750 mm x H720/ 750/780 mm (6) W 810/1215 mm x D 1150/1500 mm
Table top
⦁ Powder coat: lily white ⦁ European oak veneer: black lacquered, blue lacquered, red lacquered, natural
Desk / side / rectangular meeting table: coffee bean, chrome
Meeting table
Black upholstery
Porcelain tray
⦁ Powder coated: white, black ⦁ Veneer: black
Dividing screen
Knitted fabric upholstery: black, bulo red, combination red, combination blue

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