Montado cork accessories

The Montado collection is developed to help organize your work environment in an enjoyable way. Both home offices and the homey office spaces will benefit from the tactile warmth, acoustic qualities and calming scents originating from the objects. The collection covers a set of organizers; flexible dividing screens, a pen tray and a pen holder.

A collection developed in collaboration with Studio Corkinho, a multi- disciplinary design studio in Antwerp, aiming to change people’s perceptions and awareness of objects and materials that we think deserve attention because of their unique values.

The name Montado refers to the region in which cork oaks grow and are being harvested.



Cork is the bark of the cork oak (Quercus Suber L.), which means that it is a 100% natural plant tissue. The bark is harvested every nine years while the tree remains unharmed.

As a 100% natural and sustainable, cork gains new forms and functionalities to meet the most demanding requirements. Cork is used to create new new solutions that, through combination with different materials, guarantee the best possible performance of the final products.

The cork can be used in its natural form, burned or in combination with recycled rubber granulates and is pressed together into a block using a polyurethane binder.

Cork is 100% recyclable and the materials are tested for fire resistancy according to EN ISO 9239-1 – classificationCFL – s1

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