Pan Coupé by Jules Wabbes

Jules Wabbes is an icon of Belgian design in the 1950s till 1970s. His designs have become a Belgian heritage and the originals are collectibles. The Pan Coupé was reissued by Bulo in 2010. The organic and graceful base is in cast aluminium or solid bronze and arches upwards to support a high quality top in solid cross-cut wood, veneer, HPL, marble or blue stone.

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Technical Facts

(1) Meeting table - circular (2) Meeting table - canted
(1) Ø 1580/1800 mm x H 750 mm (2) Ø 1580/1800 mm x H 750 mm
Table top
⦁ HPL multiply coated (only 1580 dia): black, red, white, pearl grey ⦁ Natural stone: Carrara marble, Zimbabwe granite, Belgian blue stone ⦁ Wood: walnut veneer, wengé veneer, fumed oak veneer, white beech veneer, palm veneer, cross cut cherry, cross cut wengé
Table base
Anodised aluminium, bronze

All configurations