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From: 920,00

The Louise chair was designed in 1963 by Jules Wabbes for a restaurant named Drugstore Louise in Brussels. Reissued by Bulo in 2010, it is a simple and elegant chair with a classic and timeless personality that feels at home both in an office and in a dining room. Always comes with a set of glides for carpet and a set of glides for hard floor or parques floor

There are many more combinations possible, get in touch with us and we will discuss all possible combinations. If you want to configure all options by yourself already, try our configurator

Delivery 7-8 weeks


Technical facts

  • Configuration: With armrests, without armrests
  • Dimensions
    • W 565 mm x D 593 mm x H 815 mm (with armrests)
    • W 520 mm x D 583 mm x H 815 mm (w/o armrests)
  • Base
    • Steel: fumed (powder coated), Stainless (fine sanded)
    • Beech: Lacquered in coffee bean brown
  • Upholstery
    • Leather: grey-green, dark brown, black
    • Limonta
      • Duffy: oak, coffee, tobacco, daydream, ink, pencil
      • Linen: coco, faded, anthracite, decati, smoked, tête du nègre, capuccino
    • Kvadrat:
      • Star 2: dark grey, dark brown, dark blue, red
      • Steelcut 2: CT110, CT120, CT135, CT140, CT155, CT160, CT180, CT190, CT220, CT240, CT255, CT265, CT365, CT370, CT380, CT435, CT445, CT535, CT545, CT550, CT605, CT615, CT625, CT635, CT655, CT660, CT685, CT695, CT760, CT775, CT780, CT820, CT835, CT935, CT950, CT975, CT985
      • Steelcut Trio 3: TR105, TR113, TR124, TR133, TR153, TR176, TR195, TR205, TR213, TR226, TR236, TR246, TR253, TR266, TR276, TR283, TR336, TR376, TR383, TR416, TR426, TR436, TR446, TR453, TR466, TR476, TR506, TR515, TR526, TR533, TR553, TR576, TR616, TR636, TR645, TR666, TR686, TR713, TR716, TR746, TR756, TR776, TR796, TR806, TR865, TR883, TR906, TR916, TR946, TR953, TR966, TR976, TR983, TR996
      • Tonus 4: TO100, TO118, TO125, TO128, TO129, TO130, TO131, TO132, TO135, TO207, TO210, TO216, TO224, TO240, TO244, TO364, TO374, TO394, TO424, TO440, TO454, TO464, TO474, TO508, TO554, TO605, TO608, TO609, TO610, TO613, TO615, TO619, TO631, TO634, TO636, TO654, TO664, TO684, TO690, TO754, TO764, TO854, TO914, TO934, TO954, TO964, TO974

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