STFRAN: a school with sustainable design

Posted December 17 2019

What does the interior of a school look like to you? Typical? Felix & Partners broke this bias. They were looking for sustainable furniture with a twist. That’s how STFRAN, the Sint-Franciscus Institute for Nursing in Belgium, received a real Bulo touch.

Architectural firm Felix & Partners are no strangers to Bulo. We have already set up numerous projects together. Architect Diederick Huysse first explained us the concept:

With the proposed architectural concept, we introduce a central collective street that forms the school's living room. This is the crossroads between the student, the teacher and the management. The school does not only consist of classrooms with associated circulation. The collective street combines circulation and an educational function. This zone forms the heart of the nursing school. On the one hand it connects all entities and on the other hand it is a place where interaction between teacher and student is central. This translates into a warm and caring atmosphere where you can work, rest, meet, speak, explore and discover. A place where students are not numbered but are assisted by fellow students, teachers and management. It brings motivation and inspiration to all actors in the school environment with a continuous input of information. Here, student, teacher and management form the identity of the school.

Architect Diederick Huysse

After two internal meetings, the interior was ready to be presented to the client. The plan differed from what the board had in mind at first, but together we were convinced of our proposal: sustainable furniture and contemporary design. They too, because they chose different pieces from our collections: the oOstende chair by Luc Vincent, the SB55 by Stéphane Beel, the skaters by Hannes Wettstein, our playful Kei tables and the Dan Lounge. As a manufacturer, Bulo was able to respond even better to the specific needs of the project. We designed an SB55 table with an orange top.

How is the school doing since the opening? Katrien Staessens of STFRAN her experience:

Bulo's furniture has turned the central space in our school into a warm living room. During the breaks it is a pleasant meeting place and during the lessons an efficient workspace for the students. It is nice to see how the students take up the space to work on their assignments, individually or in groups. This offers great added value for the realisation of our problem-based curriculum.

Katrien Staessens of STFRAN

Photography: © Architectenbureau Felix & Partners | Arnout Fonc

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