Bulosophy – Sustainability is in our DNA

With the concept of “Bulosophy”, Walter Busschop introduced a business ethic from the start of Bulo, based on respect for people and nature. When buzzwords such as mission statement, values ​​and stakeholders had not been used yet, they were already applied in dealing with customers, employees and suppliers. A good company cherishes these values ​​and does not change them under the influence of economic circumstances.

We have developed an action plan based on the 17 sustainable development goals that were adopted by the UN in 2015 and that will guide us in the coming years in achieving realistic objectives in an economic context.

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⭕️ Timeless design

Good design is made with know-how and respects nature by giving preference to honest materials such as veneer. Good design is also not captured by trends – it is about timeless shapes and models that exude class through their character.

⭕️ Local production

Panels and wood veneer are made in our own workshops in Mechelen with knowledge and love for the profession. There is a strong focus on the reuse and upscaling of local wood.
For the parts made of metal, aluminium or other materials, Bulo has established sustainable partnerships with suppliers from Belgium, the Netherlands, Germany and other European countries. This guarantees the high quality of the materials used, with respect for the living environment and according to high social and sustainability standards.

⭕️ Logistics

Bulo has its own fleet of vehicles and a team of suppliers and technicians who ensure perfect installation and aftercare for the customer. Moving blankets made of recycled material are used for this. Packaging is reduced to the minimum.
The first steps were taken towards a more ecological fleet: no more salary cars (for new recruitments) and no cars with high CO2 emissions. The switch will be made to cars with other energy sources.

⭕️ Long term and durable partnerships with our clients

Customers see Bulo as a partner, who thinks along with their expertise and guides them in the design and evolution of their working environment. The after-sales service is also an important pillar in our pursuit of quality and service.

⭕️ Durable partnerships with our suppliers

We build long-term cooperation with all our suppliers, based on trust, quality and expertise. They are involved from the start in the development of new and existing products and can respond flexibly to specific questions from the customer. When we work with a new partner, an extensive site visit is always made, during which we thoroughly analyze the production and can verify that the regulations regarding safety, environment and labor law are being complied with (see supplier code of conduct)


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